Juno, the sponsored dog for One Voice

Juno, a three year old female dog was surrendered by her owner one afternoon. Her parting with the owner made her sad at once ,but little did she know, it could turn out to be a good luck for her. Having found a wonderful place at the shelter, she befriended many friends of her age as well as puppies who love to tease Juno and in return Juno nibbles them out of excitement. On sunny days, she basks in the sun with all her mates and takes a nap. When there are visitors at the shelter, Juno wags her fluffy tail and claws them. Today, she is sponsored by One voice from France due to her loving and friendly nature. Juno’s parting with her owner might have been a challenge for her ,but she fought it all with her might, and perhaps she was destined to be in a better place which would bring her more closer to the animal kingdom.

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