ABC camp at Kurseong


Dr.Sameer Chettri and Dr.D.P.Pandey in operation

On the 4th and 5th of Novemember, 2017, a two day animal birth control camp was conducted by a team of alumni members from St. Alphonsus and NSS team in collaboration with Kalimpong and Darjeeling animal shelter. The camp was conducted after a long wait of two years by the same team. It was a huge camp with innumerable spay and neuter of stray and owner pets. More than 65 dogs including both male and female were operated on a two day animal birth control camp at Kurseong by Vets, Dr. Deo Prakash Pandey and Dr. Sameer Chettri respectively


The dog after caught is taken for its spay by the shelter team

It was a well-organised camp held in a community hall with full support from the Municipality, and a few educated minds. Many dogs were caught by the shelter team from the busy streets and railway station of Kurseong frequently homed by dogs coming from different areas, and there were in desperate need to undergoing sterilisation due to rise in number of dog population and litters. All the dogs caught were vaccinated against rabies making it a rabies free society for all the citizens of Kurseong, and if such a camp would be initiated by the locals at Kurseong every year, the stray dog population would fall to the bare minimum, and also help the animals thrive and live a peaceful life.

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