The lucky dog


Laura and Harry with Lucky

One cold morning with dew drops on the ground, Kalimpong town had fallen to sleep. Herds of dogs flocked together and slept like there is no tomorrow. From the corner a dog infested with ticks and fleas shrieked out of pain, but there was nobody to her rescue until she came across two tourists in town who Lucky thought at once could be her saviour. They saw the dog lying with its face downward and yelping for help. Unable to resist its pain, the two Canadian tourists picked her up and tried feeding her, but the dog didn’t eat at all. Her abdomen was swollen and her body had gone cold, her sunken eyes and feeble looking body brought tears to their eyes, and they thought that ‘veterinary aid’ was the only way that could bring her back to life. On her arrival at Kalimpong shelter, the Vet diagnosed her with ascites and dehydration so; immediate treatment was given to her, and continued for many days. Gradually, on the fifth day, Lucky started showing signs of improvement, and her god parents were always by her side to give her the support and pull her up which helped her feel better every day.


Today, she is homed by the same foster parents in Vancouver, Canada and is living a new life. She has also befriended a new mate, Kloe who has now become her best pal. Lucky’s ordeal wouldn’t have ceased without her foster parents, Laura and Harry who were her angels in disguise.




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